Students Grievance Committee
Students Mentoring and Grievance Committee
  • All complaints regarding malpractices in internal assessment test and semester- end examination should be referred to the chairman of the committee.
  • Any action on the part of candidate at an examination trying to get undue advantage in the performance at examination or trying to help another, or derive the same through unfair means is punishable according to gravity of the offence.
  • The involvement of the staff, who are in charge of conducting examination valuing examination paper and preparing keeping records of document relating to the examination in such act (inclosing of providing incorrect of misleading information) that infringe upon the courses of natural justice to one and all concern at the examination shall be viewed seriously and recommended for award of appropriate punishment after through enquiry.
  • The director shall tales necessary action as per the recommendations of the committee.
  • Student or staff shall forward the written complaints to member Secretary.
  • All complaint shall be investing and all enquires relating to miscounted of the student shall be presented to the committee.
  • If nature of Complaint is severe to check the severity of the complains GRC may from a subcommittee.
  • If nature of complaints is not severe student can be counseled.
  • Enquiry shall be done by sub-committee and enquiry report shall be forwarded to GRC.
  • Committee shall given appropriate punishment on the basis of severity of the misconduct.
  • Examine and enquire the student and staff involved in malpractice.
  • De side the punishment depending upon the gravity of the offence. Appeal to the director.
  • It shall taken care of the input received from student observe and staff regarding indiscipline ragging and sexual harassment activities of student.
  • Anti ragging is one of the important and mandatory function of the committee. The Committee shall took into the regarding cases it should counsel the student for anti ragging and follow the principal preventing action , in addition, student Committee shall be formed for anti ragging and same of the parents shall also be involved in helping the institute to avoid ragging.
  • Avoiding sexual harassment in the institute in other important and mandatory faction of the Committee. The Committee shall try to Cases of sexual harassment in the Institute.
  • Indentify the arie3s in which the student need oppression development and also Identity resources , trading programs and support Service that will help to improve the student performance in this area.
Committee Members

Sr. No.Name of MemberDesignation
1Mr. Purushottam N. KathadeChairmanDirector
2Mr. Somesh M. BawaneMemberHOD
3Ms. Dipika J. JoshiMemberLecturer
4Ms. Mumpi BiswasMemberStudent Council Secretary
5Mr. Rutwik KaleMemberStudent Council Secretary
6Ms. Divya ChafaleMemberStudent Council Secretary
7Ms. Ankush KohaleMemberStudent Council Secretary
8Mr. Pravin K. BhoyarMember SecretaryStudent Development
President's Message
I deem it may privilege to extend a warm and cordial welcome to the ‘exemplary; and innovative campus of Siddhivinayak College of Pharmacy Warora.
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